I’ve published….ANOTHER BOOK!

Hey people!

I am becoming an online author (kindof).

My brain is literally teeming of novel ideas.

Remember that book I wrote? Well, I’m developing it more.

And I decided to pick something lighter.


I wrote another book!

This one is a YA teen fiction and has all the aura of a rom-com!


The bookworm, the fashionista and the captain of the football team.

A trio of best friends.

An exchange student, who is also a poet with an accent to die for.

Brienna has always known life to be predictable and easy to understand. She knows that even the most casual of rom-coms and love stories, just don’t happen in real life. Her life, is just perfect. Good friends, loving parents and bearable teachers. Until one day, an exchange student decided to insult her oldest friends- books.

Brandon lives for the moment. When he sees an advertisement for a student exchange program, he jumps at the chance to register himself. Soon enough, he was flying across to a new country, a new city and a new school. When he gets invited to “Football guys hangout” he promises to behave like a gentleman. But when he spies a copy of “Serendipity” the book that he wrote, on the table, he does his best to get rid of it. Even if it means a ridiculous dare.

Do read it out and tell me what you think!


See you on Wattpad!

PS- Click on the image to go to the book! Or click on the link above to go to my profile!

-Love, Miss Understood aka The One Who Always Talks

28 thoughts on “I’ve published….ANOTHER BOOK!

Add yours

          1. Hey I read the first chapter! It was stupendous! It was really really good! The language and everything was just amazing

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Aww thank you!
            tbh this is the first honest feedback I got.. all the others were just asking me to change the way I write..so thanks a lot Riya!!

            I was actually about to give up this novel…but I’ll continue thanks to your feedback!

            Really really thank you from the bottom of my heart!

            Liked by 1 person

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