Merry Christmas!

How do you like the virtual card? I made it all by myself, even the trees! (Shoutout to my sibling too, for helping!)

Well, hello Bloggers and Beyond! Today is the final day of Christmasphere, and don’t worry, I won’t bother you for long!

Today, I just want to thank each and everyone of you for being so fantabulously supportive and encouraging! I admire all the new friends I’ve made, all the virtual competitions I’ve participated in…..It’s been a lot of fun!

To be honest, I never really was going to do Christmasphere. Let me say, it DID NOT start out as a plan thing because obviously, I started blogging in November. Like, I had no idea, what Blogmas was or anything. But put together a boring day made awesome, love for Christmas and krayzee-ness and voila! You’ve got Christmasphere!

Honestly, I started this on a whim. There were definitely days I was cursing myself for not opening up “Guest posts” because it was just too much! I definitely have so much respect for all the bloggers who do it for 25 days, or perhaps, the whole of December, like WOW! But in the end, I’m very, very glad that I did my first Christmasphere alone. It gives you an exhilarating feeling!

Well, I’ll stop getting nostalgic or teary-eyed. I have an essay to write in the holidays (ARRRRGH!) and a cake to ice! There’s just one little gift I’d like you all to give me. And it requires you to tell me….

What was you favourite Christmasphere post? Did you enjoy Christmasphere over at Online Days? Also, do let me know how you’re going to spend today!

I hope you have a magical, mystical and fabulous Christmas!

PS- If you missed out any Christmasphere post or want to reread (I’m flattered), here’s the complete list of all my posts!

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Christmasphere Day 6- Story Time!

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Christmasphere Day 8- Virtual Christmas Card Swap + New Year Resolution Contest!

Christmasphere Day 9- SNOWFLAKE CONTEST! _______ (Part Deux- Mini Post!)

Christmasphere Day 10- Last Minute DIY Presents!

Merry Christmas (again) Dear Bloggers And Beyond!

I hope you all have an awesome day and always stay Happy!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

PPS- I’m going on a little break till the 1st of Jan 2021. There’s lots of new ideas I’m thinking to use on this blog! See you next year (Gosh, that sounds so long away πŸ˜‚). Ta-ta!!

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