Christmasphere Day 9 (Part Deux)- Mini Post !

Hello Bloggers and Beyond!

This is a very special post. WHY? Currently, I’m a huge fan of lists (see: resolution prep) so let’s make one about why this is a special post. Here we go!

  1. It’s a Christmasphere Post.
  2. It’s a Mini post.
  3. It’s my SECOND post in 1 day.
  4. It’s a MEGA Collab post.

that looks shorter than I though the list would be

Oh well, let’s get to the point, shall we? So I assume, you’ve got the “What is going on” expression that the above 20-something girl (in the GIF) has got. Right? So lemme explain.

Yesterday, in the early hours of my blogging of my blogging life, I received a certain “ping” from a certain fellow blogger known to the world as “Aditi”. She told me, that she was going to do a MEGA Collab post with a lot of other awesome bloggers out there, and if I wanted to participate. So of course, I said “Yes! I’d love to!”. So we talked the technicalities out, and voila! You have 2 posts from me in 1 DAY! Lucky you! Check out Aditi’s post here.

So here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. What does Christmas mean to you?

To me Christmas is not a single day. It’s a festival to celebrate God, kindness, happiness and love. It’s about thoughts, catching up on family, cracking jokes and gleaming faces full of compassion! It’s about friendship and understanding the good in everyone. And lots of SUGAR!

Photo by Any Lane on

2. Why did you decide to do Blogmas on your blog?

Alrighty, so first of all. I did ‘Christmasphere’ this year, which is like Blogmas, but not really. Now that’s clear, I’m going to change the question a little bit. Here’s the new one –


Yeah, so, I did Christmasphere because it was a challenge, and I couldn’t resist taking it up.😂 Basically, that was the main reason. Also, because I’m a new blogger and I wanted to experience the most out of the community and I ADORE Christmas! Plus, I made a lot of new friends through it!

(This is supposed to be a blogging picture if you’re wondering!)

3. All you want for Christmas is…?

To get rid of Covid. Seriously. I’ll sacrifice my novels list for this. Please just tell Mr Covid to visit Neptune already. Are you listening Santa???? Oh and if you have space for more, I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of Books. 😀

4. What are your Christmas Traditions?

Oooh! I already did a WHOLE post about it. It’s basically everything I do + most important to-do’s on Christmas. You can check it out here.

5. What are your favorite Christmas related things? Movies, Baking cakes, Decorating the tree?

BOOKS! Now, I’m a total bookworm. And I absolutely, honestly, ADORE Christmas YA novels! I’m currently on Dash & Lily series. For others, I like baking, present shopping, music, tree decorating and movies. Ah, and a good ol’ carol! (Is there anything even left?)

Well, that’s all my answers for Aditi’s questions! Hope you people had fun! Thanks for hosting this Aditi, you’re a star (on top of the tree!😂)! Oh and btw, I think failed to be a mini post but nevermind.

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