Christmasphere Day 10- Last Minute DIY Presents!


You wake up. Look at your phone. It’s December 24th. The day before Christmas. You’re excited for a second until your brain nudges a little piece of important information to the front. Your face changes from a excited grin to a one equal to a horror victim. You start panicking as you realize-


Sounds similar? Or am I the only one who does last minute present hunting? Well, I always manage to forget to get some people presents and believe me, it’s the worst type of anxiety there is! So today, for Christmasphere, we’ll be seeing a list of quick and easy DIY presents!

Lucky you! And me.


1. Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones!

Honestly, when I saw these I was overcome with Christmas dizziness! They are so adorably cute and savvy and awesome! Perfect for younger siblings/ anyone who loves sweet (which c’mon everyone does).

Head over to make this quick and easy present! Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones!

2. Chalkboard Mug!

This is a super cool idea! I don’t know why I never stumbled across it until today! Like, wow! SO EASY! This might take the place as my go-to DIY present!πŸ˜‚

Head over to this super amazing post to get the deets- Chalkboard Mugs!

3. Santa Box!

Do you know someone who is a…

Um….A little bit messy?

Someone who would appreciate a little organization but doesn’t have the time to do so? Well, this present is for them! Now they’ll be oh-so-neat and super grateful to you!

Here’s the video for you to make this super useful and adorable present! Santa Box

(the video’s in a language I don’t know. But you’ll understand what to do by watching it)

4. Hot Cocoa Kit!

Ever wanted to make a scrumptious hot cocoa and then procrastinated because it’s to much effort to get all the ingredients? Me too! Well, gift this Christmas gift *laughs* to your partner in crime (aka BFF), OR anyone who’d want a Hot Cocoa Kit!

Visit the DIY how-to here! Hot Cocoa Kit

4. Starbucks “Necessity” Coffee!

I came across this idea while browsing the internet and honestly, IT IS SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA! Take out the favorites of the person who’s to be gifted. Zap them into the cup. Finish with a straw. And voila! They’ve got their very own personalized cup!

Well! That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed the last day *cries* of Christmasphere! Share your ideas for Last-minute Christmas Gifts in the comments below!

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