Christmasphere Day 6- Story Time!

A Day in the life of Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

The whole of this year I’ve been inside my house. Daddy is working in his bedroom and Mommy too. I don’t know why everyone’s home. Even though they are all home, they don’t act like it’s home. Mommy and Dad leave me to my online classes and go off to work. I miss going to school Santa. Mommy says this year you won’t be turning up at the library. Why? I always looked forward to seeing you sit with children. Oh well. Do you remember Tutu, Santa? My little bear I told you about? He’s quite grown up now! Oh I forgot to tell you what I wanted for Christmas! Santa, for Christmas can you just make everything go back to how it used to be? I miss taking Tutu out for picnics.

I’ve been good this year!

– Tan Tan

This is the last letter of 2020. It’s the night before Christmas and my letter reading takes way too long on 24th. I lay back on my rickety chair. It would be time to go soon. First Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and then up north.

I wake up to the sound of ‘Jingle bells’ blaring through the ancient alarm clock that was my Grandfather’s. Time to go.

I get out on the sleigh. Rudolf is singing his own carol.

“Rudolph the red nose reindeer, has a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw him….”

Believe me, he has an attitude problem. I inspect the sleigh, the elves are very mischievous. Last year I got into a whole load of trouble because they replaced pixie dust with sugar. Pathetic.

Everything looks fine, I step in. ‘Ready reindeers?’ I ask. No reply. ‘Okay let’s go. Lead the way Rudolf.’ I sit peacefully as we fly over to the other end of the world. Mrs. Claus is Face Timing me. Ugh, not again. ‘Yes Mrs. Claus?’ I ask. ‘Don’t you forget to sanitize your hands Santa and you better wear a mask while delivering’ she says. ‘Yes I will dear’. I end the call.

We reach our 54th stop. The reindeers of course make so much noise that I nearly jump out of my skin. I look for Tan-Tan’s gift. It’s not there. What did she ask for? Oh yes, for the end of coronavirus. Well, how can I do that?

I tip-toe into her house; lock-picking is a skill I learnt a long time ago. Such a sweet little girl, she didn’t ask for toys but instead solution to the world’s biggest headache. I go into her room. There she is sleeping peacefully. I put my finger on my nose and some plush toys and books appear. I leave some by her bed and carry the rest under the Christmas tree in the living room.I take out my pen and scroll and write her a letter.

Dear Tan-tan,

The whole of this year I’ve also been inside my house. Mrs. Claus is still making me sanitize my hands after every gift delivery. It is annoying, isn’t it? I’m afraid I can’t make it go away. I know, that’s disappointing to hear, right? I wasn’t at the library this year because of social distancing. Don’t worry about it too much! It’ll all be good soon! I saw Tutu sleeping next to you, he’s so tall now. From next year, I’ll have to get him presents too! I’ve left you presents even though you didn’t want them. Tan-tan, you are a very kind girl. Keep being nice!

See you at the library next year! Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

I tuck the letter by the fireplace in her stocking. I walk off with a smile to meet many more generous little children.

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed! Do you have a short Christmas story brewing in your mind? Post it on your blog using the tag ‘Christmasphere Day 5’, and I’d love to read it! See you peeps, in the comments below!

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