Christmasphere Day 3- A poem!

Santa Claus is coming to town- The One Who Always Talks

When the world peacefully dreams,
Up he goes across the streams.
In the dark and dead of night ,
Shines his heart better, than any light.
His looks are normal, his eyes old,
But lies inside a heart of gold.

Red and white he wears,
Down he goes, downstairs.
A Saint who shines like a star,
The story we've all heard, near and far.

Three little girls, sad and poor,
Hung their stockings along the door.
The Saint then comes,
leaves them gold, presents and some plums.
There started the legend of Nicholas.

This is a tale, perhaps a lore,
Which everyone out there, everyone adores.
The children now come to me,
A question in their eyes I see.
I shush them, fix their little cracker crowns and whisper-
'Be good, Santa Claus is coming to town'.

How was the poem? I’m not a professional, but I’m quiet happy with how this one turned out! Do you have a poem related to the Holiday season? I would love to read your poetry down in the comments!

Hope you all are enjoying Christmasphere! See you tomorrow!

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