The Perks of being a Lazy Teen

Happy Saturday! You know that time when the remote is just a little bit too far away, or when you're binge watching AND lounging at the same time (seriously, why do people call this lazy? It's MULTITASKING 😂). Yeah so, you're holding the phone above you and... SMACK! *It falls on your face. Ouch!* How... Continue Reading →

The Pandemic

Hey! I don't know if I'm giving off 'Negative Thursday' vibes, but abide with me readers, this "once-in a-century-experience" deserves it's own little post, doesn't it? So, straight onto the point. The Pandemic was a total spoilsport for me. And that, dear readers, is me being nice. It all started, somewhere along in March, we... Continue Reading →

Not My Problem

Have you ever plucked up the courage and gone to tell people about something that is bothering you and they come back to you with their own version of "NOT MY PROBLEM"? Yes? Me too! And believe me, this is SO IRRITATING! I'm like "What? Seriously? After I decided to talk out about my problems... Continue Reading →

Where is the real Me?

Today, I want to start with a little secret. Come on, come closer to the screen. As soon as a secret is told, two people connect, Right? So here's a tiny one of mine. I used to believe that I could switch between "ME's". (Unbelievable, much?) During the "GREAT MOVE", I was like a zombie.... Continue Reading →

Speed, Distance and Time

Ever felt that a "Grand Move" means new friendships? Ever been nervous just thinking about the anxiety after a major relocation? Turns out you don't need to loose out on your friendship afterall!. Read this post to find out how I handled a very special friendship over teen anxiety and the difference in speed, distance and time. And no, it's not physics!

And it all begins….

Well, Hello World! Isn't it funny? How everything starts as a little thought, in the corner of the mind, tucked right next to the "so-not -happenings", "maybes" and "what if's"? Then you start thinking about it, and the idea seems not so bad after all! So you decide to give it a try and hope for... Continue Reading →

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